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Host Dedicated Tournament Page
Promote a dedicted tournament page complete with brackets, participants, standings, sponsor details, stations, discussions, and more.
Yes (With display ads) Yes (No ads)
Single Elimination
A tournament format where one loss results in elimination.
Double Elimination
A tournament format where two losses results in elimination.
Round Robin
A tournament in which each competitor plays in turn against every other.
A non-elimination tournament format that iteratively groups competitors by skill level and ensures equal playtime for all competitors.
Free For All
A tournament format consisting of a group of independent competitors where only the top performer(s) among the group advance.
Time Trial
A tournament format used to see who can get the best time. Learn More.
Single Race
A tournament format that allows multiple racers to compete in a single track.
Grand Prix
A tournament format that can host multiple races with the same participants and allocate points based on the results of each race.
Pools & Two Stage Tournaments
A multi-tournament format where the top performers from one stage progress onto the next. (e.g. Regular Season to Playoffs (or) Pool Play To Finals)
Split Participants
Start with half of the participants in the losers bracket. Learn More.
League Ready
Host an entire league using a two stage tournament consisting of a round robin regular season and single elimination tournament as the playoffs.
Multiple Sets Per Match
A scoring system using a subset of multiple games (or best of series) to determine the overall match winner.
Automated stacked ranking system made up of wins, losses, ties, and tie breaks of all participants.
Country Flag in Race Standings
A flag is displayed to represent the country you selected from your Account Settings.
Discussion Board
Allowing the tournament organizer to post announcements to the event's participants.
Score Reporting
Enables a dedicated tab for tournament organizers to efficiently report scores as well as an option to allow participants to self-report scores.
Allow Match Attachments
Upload files to matches as a proof of the final results.
Up to 250KB Up to 25MB
Share Admin Access
Give others admin access to report scores, upload match attachments, manage participants, and more.
Yes (With unlimited admins) Yes (With unlimited admins)
Embed Brackets
Add Challonge brackets to any website with a small line of provided code.
Yes (With display ads + Challonge watermark) Yes (No ads + Challonge watermark + customized themes)
Printed Brackets
Create a printer-friendly version of your tournament bracket in its current state.
Participant Limits
Add up to 256 or 512 participants to any Challonge tournament format, except single-stage Round Robins that have a limit of 40 participants (for bracket scalability) for either plan.
Up to 256 Up to 512
Add Participants in Bulk
Simply copy and paste a participant list to build your next bracket and drag and drop names to adjust seeding.
Require Team Registration
Require a Challonge Team, comprised of multiple Challonge users, to register for your tournament as opposed to an individual participant.
Host Registration Page
Generate a dedicated page and link for participants to self-register for your tournament.
Charge Registration Fee
Require registrants to pay a fee you set to participate in your next tournament.
Yes (Includes $0.75/order service fee + Stripe integration) Yes (Includes $0 service fee + Stripe integration)
Require Verified Emails
Enable to ensure that your participants get email notifications about their upcoming matches, tournament results, and community announcements. Learn More.
Region Locking
Host regional competitions and allow specific countries for your registration. Learn More.
Prevent unwanted users from registering for your tournaments and sending you private messages. Learn More.
Custom Tournament Ads
Promote brand, products, merchandise, and many more with customized ads targeted to your participants.
Custom Fields
Allows tournament organizers to gather more detailed information about participants (individuals or teams) at the time of registration. Learn More.
Private Messaging
Allows users to send direct messages within a tournament. Allows tournament organizers to bulk-send messages to all participants.
Social Image Sharing
Share your match results easily on Facebook and Twitter anytime. Learn More.
Enable Check-in
Allow participants to check-in for the tournament virtually (requires a Challonge account) or in-person up to two days before the event to help ensure the bracket only includes checked-in participants.
Set Match Station
Allows the tournament organizer to assign on-bracket labels where matches will be held.
Set Match Times
Allows the tournament organizer to set and display the match start date and time on the bracket.
Display Station Queue
Provides a real-time display detailing the status of every match at every station.
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